Elegant Walnut Engineered Oak Flooring

All our team members have great knowledge and experiences about all type of timber floors. They love to communicate with customers to ensure jobs finished appropriated. From choosing colour, materials, or species to buying with sustainability in mind, you need a lot of homework. We help you understand everything about getting your floor boards right from the ground up. We’d like to listen, and help you choose the one suits your needs from all complicated stuff.
Since 2004 NewTechWood® has been at the cutting edge in WPC technology, developing products that bring beauty and practicality to your outdoor living experience. From old to new, we select the proper combination of sandpapers needed for jobs. We also offer tint, direct staining or lime timber floor shop near me washed for solid timber board. The custom colour although cost more than normal, it creates a unique looking for your own style. Our elite teams are experts across a range of timber materials and interior designs. Friendly and professional advice and nice finish make everyone happy.

When we provide a quote you can be sure that there are no hidden costs. Our quotations are all-inclusive, so there will be no hidden surprises. There is a $40 fee to inspect your floor and provide a quotation, however, this is refundable when you go ahead with the floor sanding service. We sand the floor with a weighted rotary sander, which removes less timber than a belt sander, so your floor will last.
Please send your request with your details and mailing address via the “Get Quote” button under the webpage. We will issue a related tax invoice that would credit under your name if you buy the ordered sample’s product. If you need an official quote please send your quote request and details via the website “Get Quote” button or “request quote” on the product page. Our best price will calculate and send to your email with an expiration date. But if this is your first time to buy from us we will give you the best price for sure. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours before sanding off any residue from timber surface.
The surface is finished with a wood texture, and it's 'registered-embossed' which means the surface structure is perfectly in harmony with the design. So the combination of perfect design and surface structure makes our laminate flooring look extremely real and natural. It’s natural you may be unsure about whether to choose solid timber, engineered timber, reclaimed timber or other kinds of planks. Choosing a timber floor is less about which is “best”, and more about which is the most appropriate for your intended use of the space. Solid timber flooring is produced from timber planks without layers, whereas engineered timber planks are manufactured by layering different pieces of wood to produce a single board. Today, solid and hardwood timber floors are an affordable option for everyone, although solid is still typically more expensive than engineered due to needing more trees to produce it.

B1901 is a retro style Engineered floor; the surface has a non-slip function, with a thick solid 6MM French oak veneer and a tested hardness of about 0.79. The biggest advantage of oak is its hardness, it does not crack and is a high quality floor. B1901 consists of multi-layer plywood, made in a criss-cross structure that greatly reduces the shrinkage of the floor. If it is laid on cement floor and flatness is not very good, it is recommended to use adhesives when installing; this will reduce the noise caused by uneven ground. If the installation is on wood flooring, then the nail fixing is the best method. Walnut wood has been used for a variety of building purposes for hundreds of years. It was so popular in fact that walnut wood has become very scarce in the eastern part of the US due to its extensive harvesting.
From floating to direct stick, from 5G click to tongue & groove, our teams know all installation method and guarantee all the jobs will finish professional and efficiently. Not only the products, we use excellent accessories, such as underlay, stair nosing, and more, for our job as well.

You may find a light film of dust on some surfaces in areas where we are sanding, but we will wipe down these surfaces as part of the job. Electrodry uses high-quality two-pack water-based floor coatings with rapid curing times and minimal odours. In most cases you will struggle to detect an odour four hours after the completion of the job, meaning there will be no odour when you start using your freshly sanded rooms.
The colors range from a sophisticated dark, reddish-brown to tan. Thanks to its durability and easy-to-match colors, this timber a great option for commercial and residential areas alike. Maple has a Janka Hardness Rating of 1450 and comes in a variety of light color shades.

These items are usually Axles and Hydro's, Deck Housings, Drive Shafts, Mower Blades, Tyres etc. For confirmation please enquire before placing your order as you may find extra delays. When you place an order, our system will automatically estimate delivery costs. Any variation to shipping options that you may choose will be quoted individually. There are a small handling and postage fee that will credit under your account if you buy from us.
As one of the fastest growing contenders in the Australian Flooring Market, Beau Floor seeks to extend the opportunity for potential clients to collaborate. Together, we continue to deliver the best quality products and beyond. A native American hardwood, American Walnut, is a premium furniture and cabinet making timber.
The distinctive knots, grains & texture underfoot provides a look & feel that showcases a true appearance. There are a variety of reasons walnut makes a great hardwood flooring option, but let’s start with the obvious.

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